Sprawl releases new Dark Industry trailer with new gameplay

Sprawl is an upcoming first-person shooter published by Rogue Games, and the latest trailer is filled with action, focusing on a weapons manufacturing area.

Here’s the full trailer from Sprawl’s official YouTube channel, showing off more weapons and enemies:

Sprawl will be a retro FPS set in a walled cyberpunk city, which players must escape by taking on a militarized government.

The emphasis on movement is definitely appealing, and should cater to Titanfall or Apex Legends fans, with its smooth wall running and sliding.

However, some of it also looks a bit swimmy, so hopefully players will have more control over the character than it looks. There’s a big difference between clever momentum mechanics and hydroplaning.

The new trailer begins with an ominous chorus, and gorgeous shots of an industrial factory maze. The robotic enemies are fun little callbacks to the mecha genre and some FPS classics.

The weapons have some basic designs, but the gunplay itself looks decent. There seems to be slow motion during combat, which can sometimes be frustrating, but Red Dead Redemption got away with it just fine.

Overall, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much more than the Episode 2 trailer that was released a few months ago. It showed off a combat simulation area, but the aesthetic is basically the same, so don’t expect too much variety. You can judge for yourself by checking out the last trailer here:

A lot of fans are pleased with the music, design and general vibe of Sprawl as each trailer releases. The maps look big enough to capitalize on the freedom of movement, but they don’t seem to have a true cyberpunk feel that’s been promised.

There’s a lot of potential in this one, so fans should keep a close eye and wait for more reveals. You can read more about upcoming Sprawl updates by reading our news section!

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