Starsand trailer announces console release date for November

Starsand, an indie survival and open-world game from Tunnel Vision Studio and Toplitz Productions, just released a trailer for its long-awaited console port. It will officially come to consoles on November 17th, 2022. Aside from PlayStation, specific consoles are not mentioned.

Starsand first launched in November 2021, so it’s been almost exactly a year for console players to try out the game, which has upheld mostly positive reviews on Steam. You can watch the full console trailer on publisher Toplitz Productions’ YouTube channel here:

Starsand successfully blends classic survival game tropes with interesting puzzles and a compelling desert setting that always appeared to be inspired by Dune.

Now that the latest film adaptation of Dune has been released, which received nearly unanimous praise (even from longtime Herbert fans), Starsand will surely be able to capitalize on renewed interest in that kind of environment.

However, Starsand definitely provides its own kind of personality, with unique mechanics that set it apart from similar games like Conan Exiles. The story itself is also superior to most open-world survival games, which tend to rely too much on familiar obstacles and tasks alone.

The setting really allows Starsand to expand in interesting ways, and the visuals are satisfying compared to most indie games. This is one of those gems that transcends the indie genre in terms of general quality, including both graphics and stability.

However, it does still have some typical faults of the genre. If you aren’t already a fan of survival games, Starsand probably won’t be the title that changes your mind. It still asks players to complete the same basic challenges, and then simply builds on top of that.

While Starsand looks and feels like a PC game, it should translate just fine onto consoles, where it may very well find a new audience.

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