Street Fighter 6 is officially coming to Evo 2022

The Evolution Championship Series has just announced that Street Fighter 6 is coming to the 2022 event. Between August 5th and August 7th 2022, in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay, players will have a chance to check out play the upcoming game themselves.

Here’s the new statement from Evo’s official Twitter feed, which includes a link to sign up for registration, which is going to close in just two days:

Street Fighter has been a rollercoaster franchise, with a number of highs and lows. The masterful animated movie has been lost over time due to the awful live-action films. Meanwhile, the games have assumed some divisive art designs and mechanics.

Nonetheless, Street Fighter remains an arcade classic that continues to change. That’s a great attitude to have, even if all of the updates don’t necessarily work out. The characters, music and combat are still fun and creative, so it’ll be a blast to see how the new installment feels.

Last month, the game revealed 21 minutes of gameplay for Summer of Gaming 2022, and the new graphics are a much better fit than previous entries. It’s much less cartoonish, and the improved definition should make fighting clearer. You can watch the full video on IGN’s YouTube channel here:

Fans who attend will get the opportunity to try out Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and the new character Jamie at the Capcom and Sony booths.

Jamie is said to be Luke’s rival, a breakdancer from Hong Kong. He practices Chinese drunken fist, a traditional yet popular style that’s been the focus of many terrific games and movies.

In addition to getting hands-on gameplay, Capcom is also expected to make some new announcements about the game. This could even include new character reveals.

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