Street Fighter 6 trailer reveals World Tour, Custom Avatar and more

Street Fighter 6 continues to show off impressive new additions and changes to the classic series, and today’s Game Mode trailer reveals more details about upcoming modes and more. Street Fighter 6 will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and PlayStation 4/5 sometime in 2023.

You can watch the full Game Mode trailer on Street Fighter’s YouTube channel here:

The game has officially revealed a first look at World Tour mode, and it seems absolutely brilliant so far. The concept of training with various masters is a totally natural addition, as well as the public fights and customizable avatar.

World Tour has always been one of the most beloved features of the series, and the new direction will surely be satisfying. Customizing your own character should create a better sense of control and identity, and hopefully a story will still play out with as much intrigue as previous installments. Those bits of lore from World Tour delivered so much out of very little snippets.

And even if the latest changes aren’t your scene, traditional Fighting Ground battles will keep everything familiar. It seems to have the same strategy as Pokémon Scarlet, incorporating fresh systems to try out while keeping the best elements of past titles.

The Battle Hub looks decent, though the approach is a little tongue-in-cheek. The cherry on top at the end of the trailer, a nod to classic bonus levels, will put a very big grin on any fellow lifelong fans. It was smart to keep such a rewarding and important tradition alive for new generations of Street Fighter fans.

In fact, this installment looks like one of the most accessible games in the series yet. The art design is cleaner than recent sequels, and the game modes in today’s trailer offer more freedom than ever. But returning characters like Ken and the rest make sure the series doesn’t lose its personality.

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