Street Fighter and Skullcandy collaborate for advanced Headset

Street Fighter has officially collaborated with Skullcandy, which focuses on advanced audio gear, for a special headset inspired by the classic Street Fighter II arcade cabinet. The headphones boast Bluetooth dual-connectivity, a smart mic and more. They’re available now for $149.99 USD.

For a glimpse at the headset visuals, you can check out Skullcandy’s teaser on their new tweet:

To begin with, the technology itself is all fantastic, with simple quality of life features that likely weren’t so simple to develop. The durability of Skullcandy’s line isn’t likely to change, so if you aren’t already on board, this design may not be enough to change your mind.

The black and white design is definitely a fun nod to the original arcade cabinet, which used a similar design around the controls. The logos inside the band are also nice for display purposes.

However, the motion graphics on the ear caps will be a little more controversial. It’s certainly neat, and smartly selected its imagery, which is iconic and bright for easy viewing.

It is also unusually loud, even for Skullcandy, which is generally pretty streamlined. The motion graphics are more of a statement for streamers and home use, while bringing them out and about might be a little much for some players.

Still, it is very unique, giving fans more value for the steep price tag. If you’re proud of your Street Fighter fandom, there’s no reason not to flaunt it, and most responses to the design have been very positive. The retro nod is much appreciated, especially as a celebration of Street Fighter’s 35th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be one of the best titles in the franchise, including classic gameplay alongside revolutionary new features in the series, as seen in the latest trailer.

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