Superhero RPG “Capes” gets Official Reveal Trailer

Capes, an upcoming turn-based superhero RPG, has officially revealed its story and gameplay in a new trailer. The game will be available on Steam at some time in early 2023, and although it doesn’t have an exact release date yet, it can be wishlisted now.

You can watch the full reveal trailer for Capes on IGN’s YouTube channel here:

Capes has been developed by Defiant Development, a small Australian team that was founded in 2010. They’re best known for the Hand of Fate series, deckbuilding games with a creepy twist and a large variety of quests.

Defiant Development continues their interest in strategy-based games with Capes, which takes place in a world that has been ruled by supervillains for nearly two decades.

Players will assume the role of superheroes that must restore peace, rescuing citizens, and battling enemies with various abilities. Heroes can be recruited, upgraded, and ultimately team up together to create thoughtful combinations. The trailer shows off various actions, such as Dashing and the ranged attack “Strike”.

There are countless turn-based games, and with competition like Marvel’s Midnight Suns coming soon, Capes will have to rely on its story to find its own audience.

Midnight Suns has continued to pump out trailers for immensely popular characters like Captain Marvel, so it’ll be interesting to see how the characters in Capes either elaborate on existing archetypes or subvert them.

Fortunately, the core premise of the story is a good, high-concept hook, and any future expansion is literally limitless. The cinematic footage is also surprisingly neat, with good camerawork and art design. A lot of fans quickly made comparisons to XCOM, but the superhero angle might invite newcomers that would otherwise ignore the genre.

You can read more about Capes and other turn-based strategy games by checking out our news section!

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