Swordship release date trailer reveals December launch

Swordship, an upcoming twist on classic arcade shooters, has just announced that it will launch on December 5th, 2022. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch. You can watch today’s new trailer on publisher Thunderful’s YouTube channel here:

Swordship is completely built on a single, simple premise. But it’s definitely a clever one, and finding a twist like this is profoundly difficult for the arcade shooter genre. There have been countless arcade shooters, and even the originals are finding renewed interest with all of the new remasters and remakes.

The trick to Swordship is its focus on misleading the enemies, which somehow seems more strategic than lucking out with a run-and-gun. The lack of defenses could easily make the player feel a little smarter, and more vulnerable. Of course, the game still appears to rely on mastering the “pattern”, but that’s the point of creating or playing an arcade game.

The gameplay footage in today’s trailer looks very promising, offering a variety of enemies and weapons to learn. It would be nice if players could customize their vehicle a bit, and the settings are nearly broad enough to feel abstract. But this will probably benefit the screen by reducing visual noise, which has deliberately been wielded to create bulllet-hells.

Publisher Thunderful Games has provided fans with various fun surprises, so Swordship has potential. Thunderful worked on Lego Bricktales and the delayed Planet of Lana, both of which have received a lot of attention. Thunderful also just launched the stunning, hand-drawn indie Paper Cut Mansion:

Swordship has potential, with an innovative premise that smartly sticks to a lane. Even once the novelty wears off, it genuinely looks fun enough to revisit, and its expansive platform support will definitely help.

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