T3 Arena is coming to Google Play Store on October 13

T3 Arena is coming to the Google Play Store on October 13 with the release of Season 3.

T3 Arena is a multiplayer fast-paced shooter game developed by XD Entertainment Pte. Ltd and was released on May 26, 2022, on the App Store. It features a variety of characters, each of whom has a weapon and a special set of skills. The characters can only be unlocked by completing challenges or by purchasing a Battle Pass and can be leveled up to increase their stats. Recently, T3 Arena revealed their upcoming release on the Google Play Store on October 13 with the start of Season 3.

T3 Arena has gained a large number of players and fans from all around the globe. With the game’s availability on Google Play Store, it will be possible for players on other platforms to get more familiar with it. Many users are also curious about the possibility of linking their Google Play account with their Tap Tap account. As such, T3 Arena made certain that players’ Tap Tap accounts may be connected to multiple accounts following the Google Play Store debut of the game. Meanwhile, T3 Arena will give away Iris Healing Pink skin and the time-limited Holo-Poster: A Small Cause of Celebration as gifts to celebrate the launch.

Season 3 will also be released along with the launch of T3 Arena on the Google Play Store. A new character, known as Gatlyn, is set to arrive. Players may redeem her at Tier 30 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. Her primary weapon is a Gatling gun, and her active skill unlocks her true power by gaining her battle stance. Also, there are also various rewards that the Season 3 Battle Pass offers. Some special rewards include the following:

  • Brutal Belle skin of Gloria
  • Black Vinyl player card
  • Requiem Holo Poster
  • Songs of Guns KO Fizz
  • Mayhem Melody skin of Gatlyn

T3 Arena’s arrival on Google Play Store has sparked excitement among Android users. Likewise, fans are also excited to get their hands on the rewards that come with the Season 3 Battle Pass.

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