Tanuki Sunset announces console port for November 2022

Tanuki Sunset, the arcade-style longboarding game from 2020, has revealed that it’s finally coming to consoles next month. It will be available on November 2nd for PlayStation, and November 4th for Xbox. The trailer doesn’t include a concrete release date for the Nintendo Switch, but it is expected to join the eShop too. You can watch today’s new trailer here:

Tanuki Sunset has a very breezy tone, even more so than most of the arcade games its art design pays homage to, with its charming shapes, bright purples and catchy soundtrack. There’s a family-friendly vibe to the game without veering into corny territory, which is all too easy for some titles, and the challenges are pretty balanced.

Tanuki Sunset received plenty of praise when it launched back in December 2020, but sadly, it also tended to go overlooked. So, it’ll be fun to see the game expand into consoles, since it deserves that larger audience. Also, the retro personality should translate just fine into console gameplay.

Players will mostly need to dodge traffic, while keeping Tanuki fed with bits along the road. You can absolutely perform tricks, and upgrade gear, but everything is kept pretty simple. It would’ve been nice if the various locations were a little more distinguishable, aside from appearance, since the content is mostly the same.

Tanuki Sunset may not have quite as much replay value as some dense indies, but it does successfully capture the vibe it intended to. Conceptually, the premise itself signals what kind of playfulness to expect. If you’re in the mood for a quick throwback, this definitely fits the bill.

Strangely, developer Rewind Games hasn’t been very active. There aren’t previous or upcoming games to reference, and they haven’t even appeared online much. Hopefully, more will be around the corner soon.

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