Taz is finally getting nerfed in MultiVersus

Image: MultiVersus

MultiVersus has been released into its semi-open beta and has already managed to surpass the peak player count of many other fighting games on Steam. Unfortunately, the game still has some balance issues that need to be worked out. Namely, the Tazmanian Devil with his overpowered tornado attack that has been viewed as a cheap way to get Ringouts.

However, it turns out that fans might not have to suffer the wrath of Taz for much longer, as a fix is expected to drop for MultiVersus tomorrow. As part of the Lebron James and Open Beta update, the game will also nerf the Taznado and hopefully make the character more fun to play against instead of being the annoying character he currently is.

According to this tweet from Player First Games co-founder Tony Huynh, the fix for Taz is expected to release in the game tomorrow. Huynh doesn’t mention what this fix is, but it will be a welcome addition if it limits or weakens Taz’s tornado ability.

Unfortunately, Taz isn’t the only character with bugs, even if he is clearly the most annoying. Bugs Bunny has an issue that lets him send out double the rockets and Batman’s grappling hook as a tendency to drag him off the screen. In previous tweets, Huynh acknowledged these bugs, but he doesn’t provide any extra information about when a fix can be expected.

Before this update takes effect, many Taz players are likely to come out in full force. To avoid getting caught in Taz’s tornado, consider jumping around it and going in for the attack when in between the times the character uses the ability.

With the Open Beta update coming sometime tomorrow, fans will finally be able to play without the threat of an unruly Taz making everything more annoying.

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