TCA Airbus Edition range is coming to Xbox

Thrustmaster will introduce its TCA Airbus Edition range to Xbox consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most beloved simulation franchises. The game’s graphical accuracy was praised by critics upon its debut. It also won a number of awards, including Best Simulation/Strategy Game at The Game Awards 2020. Flight Simulator continues to attract new gamers who wish to experience flying an aircraft in the comfort of their own homes. Finally, Thrustmaster is now here to expand the Flight Simulator experience by bringing its TCA Airbus Edition line to Xbox platforms.

The TCA Airbus Edition range has established a standard in the simulation of civil aviation on PC since its release. Now, Thrustmaster is proud to bring the TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition to Xbox. These ergonomic replicas of the Airbus sidestick and quadrant (1:1 scale, type A320/A320neo) are fully licensed for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The joystick includes 14 action buttons that may be remapped for a variety of purposes, as well as an integrated throttle axis with a thrust reverser mechanism (a unique feature on airliners).

TCA Airbus Edition range will also allow users to have simplified connectivity with software support for the Thrustmaster ecosystem and make it compatible with Xbox Series X|S. Through this, only one USB cable is required to be connected to the PC or console. Meanwhile, the TCA Sidestick X Airbus Edition has been modified to be more stable and to include additional connections, such as 2x USB-A ports for the ecosystem, 1x USB-C port for the power supply, and a jack socket for the headset. Users may also instantly switch from Xbox to PC compatibility in just a flip.

With the TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition, users may get a more authentic Aircraft Captain experience. This is made possible by the quadrant’s distinctive Airbus-inspired functionalities, such as the speed brake, flaps lever, landing gear lever, and parking brake function.

TCA Airbus Edition range is available for $299.99. Visit Thrustmaster’s online store and make your purchase for an improved Flight Simulator experience.

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