Team Liquid officially exits PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports

Both Team Liquid and PUBG have been beloved staples from any eSports scene, but now the iconic team has given a surprising official statement withdrawing from future PUBG competition.

While losing the title will disappoint many, the announcement includes very positive language and a lengthy post that goes into further detail. Here’s the original tweet from Team Liquid:

Team Liquid has been an effective force in PUBG, with a variety of memorable wins and players. Sadly, according to the official farewell post, the team has cited “financial realities” of the PUBG scene, referring to “esports, business, and even international marketplaces”.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t state some of the specific issues, leaving fans to speculation. While it was a surprise for fans, both the team and staff had been aware of the big change since August 4th.

The move quickly prompted questions from fans about the upcoming PUBG Continental Series 7 tournament, which Team Liquid is currently scheduled to compete in.

Fortunately, it looks like they’re still going to participate in the PCS7 as expected, though it marks the end of their involvement. While it’ll feel pretty odd, it’s also an opportunity to go out with a bang. The PCS7 currently has an initial prize pool of $250,000 USD.

Team Liquid has carefully reinforced that they still love PUBG, and that their decision has nothing to do with the content or gameplay. There are letters from various members that repeat this sentiment, and they recall nothing but fond memories.

Since Team Liquid is a titan in the eSports scene, this shift will offer some room for growing orgs to develop their own reputations. It also gives Team Liquid some breathing room to potentially move into another title, or even shift more focus onto their existing rosters in other titles.

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