Team17 delays dystopian indie Sunday Gold to October

Sunday Gold, an upcoming point-and-click adventure set in dystopian future, has officially been delayed for a month. The news comes just one day before the original launch date. The new release date has been confirmed for October 13th, 2022.

No official reason has been stated yet. Here’s the full statement from publishers Team17:

Team17 has quickly become one of the leading champions of modern indie classics, publishing small games with enormous potential such as Hokko Life and the upcoming roguelike Ship of Fools. The Sunday Gold delay is only a month, so it is likely going to involve some minor polishing after a successful demo.

Sunday Gold is a new point-and-click game, a genre that doesn’t get quite as much love these days. It’s tricky to elaborate on in a creative and modern way, so it probably caters to a pretty niche audience.

However, Sunday Gold was developed by BKOM Studios, who are well known for online, mobile and PC games with a low budget and strong IP. This includes DC, the Ghostbusters, Bumblebee, the Avengers and so forth.

In fact, Sunday Gold looks much more promising than any of those tie-ins, which can often feel like simple cash-grabs. Sunday Gold looks like it has quite a lot of personality, with fun music and characters.

Despite the familiar setting, players assume the roles of anti-heroes that are aiming to bring down an evil mega-corporation with their own secrets.

It’s a decent premise, and organically invites point-and-click gameplay by requiring deduction and puzzle solving. The official product page on Steam actually compares the game’s puzzles to an escape room, and those demand a lot of creativity from both the devs and players.

Hopefully, the small delay is worthwhile. Fans are content to wait for a smoother experience. You can read more about Sunday Gold and other upcoming indies by checking out our news section!

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