Team17 partners with Absolutely Games for debut strategy game

Esteemed publisher Team17, who cemented themselves as a leading indie champion after their success with the Worms and Overcooked series, has just partnered with a brand-new studio for their first title. It will be a historical strategy game, and more information is expected “soon” according to the official post included in the Team17’s announcement tweet:

Very little is known about the upcoming strategy game, but it will be an original IP that Absolutely Games owns, so it won’t be connected to any existing franchises. It’s expected to be available on both PC and consoles, so that might hint at the kind of gameplay to expect.

RTS titles are generally reserved for PC, and ported later on, but going into the game with an aim for wide platform support could shake up the mechanics. Hopefully, the game will select a distinguishable tone or setting, because these kinds of titles are very common amongst burgeoning studios.

Unfortunately, because this will be Absolutely Games’ debut title, there aren’t any other references of quality to consider than Team17 itself.

Team17 boasts a strong reputation for satisfying indies, and continues to boost popularity for small devs behind games like Hokko Life, which just released near the end of last September. They’re also publishing the horror indie The Unliving, which Team17 recently had to delay until November 7th, 2022. Either way, Team17 will invite a lot of trust from longtime indie fans.

There aren’t too many details about Absolutely Games, either. The devs are based in Guildford, the UK, and currently have a staff of 27 people. Founded in 2019, Absolutely Games is led by James Brooksby and Adrian Hawkins, and both have been in the industry for a while, so that’s promising.

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