Temtem 1.0 Trailer features Tamer’s Paradise and more

Temtem, the popular MMORPG about collecting and taming creatures, has just revealed a trailer for some new upcoming features such as Tamer’s Paradise Island, new combat modes and more.

You can watch the full trailer on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

Temtem has undeniable similarities to Pokémon, which just held a massive “Presents” showcase that promises its own open world in Scarlet and Violet. However, Temtem has found its own flavor and audience, and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox.

Temtem was published by Humble Bundle, whose parent company Humble Games continues to champion indie games. In fact, they recently announced which titles they’re bringing to Gamescom 2022 between August 24th and August 28th, 2022.

The new trailer for Temtem’s 1.0 features focuses on playing with friends, exploring an Airborne Archipelago, and challenging other tamers like Murdag.

Temtem used to have more advantages over its Nintendo rivals, because it first launched back in January of 2020. But lately, Pokémon has suddenly announced a staggering volume of similar features for its upcoming games. Fortunately, the additions in 1.0 should help Temtem keep its established audience.

Each island is an entirely different world in Temtem, so adding a brand-new map to explore should bring plenty of new content. Players can work together to complete story goals, catch creatures or even help with duo battles. Fans should expect new events, missions, cosmetics, and certainly Temtem from the next update.

Unfortunately, the game still hasn’t been ported to previous console generations, and will remain on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S. Fans are also hoping to see the game on PS Plus sometime soon, since it’s reached just the right age compared to other titles that have been announced for the service.

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