The Astronauts pushes back Witchfire’s early access release date to early 2023

Developers will be redesigning Witchfire’s core experience to add a semi-open world style, resulting to delay of early access release.

Witchfire is an upcoming first-person shooter video game for Windows developed and published by The Astronauts, creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It was originally set to release its early access in late 2022. However, The Astronauts just revealed that they would be delaying early access to the Witchfire game until early 2023 in order to rework the game’s central gameplay experience. As stated by the developers, The Astronauts:

“To be clear, Witchfire is still a rogue-lite dark fantasy first-person shooter. That did not and will not change. But the way the player experiences the world has changed significantly. We’ve upgraded combat and exploration from arena style to semi-open world style, and that took time.”

The Astronauts

Previously, Witchfire uses game barriers to prevent the players from venturing past the designated areas. However, developers have stated the downfalls of barriers. The Astronauts said that “With the barriers, you trap the player, spawn the monsters, and voila: either they kill the player, or the player kills them, the barriers go down, and we can move to the next area.” With the semi-open world, the player can quickly enter and escape the place but can put themselves in dangerous situations by venturing to another new area and triggering more spawns. This gives players more freedom than before.

In the meanwhile, the creators are working on bringing out a new event that will be named “Witchfire Halloween Week.” Within the next week or two, both the story and the artwork pertaining to this event will be released.

Fans are excited about the release of Witchfire since it has been in production since 2017 and they have been waiting so long. Thankfully, 95% of the game has been developed thus far without compromising any of the game’s challenging elements, such as the witch traps and locked doors. Early access to Witchfire will be made available for purchase through the Epic Games Store. In the meanwhile, there has been no announcement on when Witchfire will become available on consoles or through Steam.

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