The Dark Pictures Anthology unveils the first teaser for Directive 8020

Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology just teased its next game, titled The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020. It is labeled as the first game of The Dark Pictures Anthology Season 2. The trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 was featured as a mid-credits clip in The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me and surfaced on the internet prior to the November 18th release of The Devil In Me.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 shows a presumably destroyed spaceship floating in space as a giant planet or moon can be seen through a window of the spacecraft gradually getting engulfed in darkness. Check out the Directive 8020 teaser shared on Slimpy’s YouTube channel:

The short trailer for the upcoming horror game in The Dark Pictures Anthology had sci-fi and outer space setting in its entirety. It revealed some information about the game’s plot and general setting. Commander Stafford leads the explorers onboard the advanced reconnaissance vessel Cassiopeia as they approach the Charybdis marker in the trailer. However, a crew member later interrupts the transmission, claiming that something is wrong. Thomas Carter, a purported crewmember, then reports that someone named Simms is trying to kill them. The motive for the attempted murder is unknown, but the Charybdis marker may have influenced the crewmembers.

Directive 8020 has been hinted at in recent months since the second season of The Dark Pictures Anthology was detailed in February trademark filings. The documents revealed four further forthcoming game titles: The Craven Man, Intercession, Winterfold, and the Presents O Death. The first season of The Dark Pictures only had four games, so it is possible that the fifth and final game will represent a departure from the rest of the series.

Directive 8020 has not yet been given a release date, but The Dark Pictures will certainly provide additional information in due time.

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