The Devil in Me game director promises big Gamescom surprises

Tom Heaton, the game director for The Devil in Me, just revealed some of the upcoming topics that will be explored during Gamescom 2022.

Here’s the brief announcement from the official feed of The Dark Pictures anthology series:

Interactive horror games have gained a lot of momentum thanks to the massive success of The Quarry, which was another horror hit developed by Supermassive Games. The mystery, gore and writing were exceptional there, so expectations are high for The Devil in Me.

The big season one finale recently released its story trailer just a few days ago. You can review on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel here:

The hotel setting is primed for all kinds of horror traditions, given the countless classic horror movies that capitalize on the isolation and dark histories of giant, old hotels.

The new message from Tom Heaton explains that some new gameplay mechanics will be discussed in detail at Gamescom. The upcoming festival will be held between August 23rd and August 28th, and fans can finally attend the event in-person again.

Upcoming details for Gamescom

Heaton begins by mentioning a longer play length, which should be very interesting. Most horror movies are swift and high-concept stories. But a few are sprawling epics, tracing a line towards influences from The Shining. With a longer runtime, players will have even more elaborate consequences and stories.

It also seems that The Devil in Me will offer even more exploration, which hasn’t been the focus of the Dark Pictures franchise so far. Instead, the games are basically on rails, and most interactive features rely on clues or important items.

Getting the chance to fully explore the new setting will potentially give fans a chance to learn the layout and fully understand even more backstory. Hopefully, this won’t be at the expense of the plot and pacing.

Lastly, Heaton promises deeper details over the next couple months, so keep an eye on this one. You can read more about The Dark Pictures anthology and other horror hits by reading our news section!

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