The Division 2 has just launched a Known Issues board

To the delight of every fan, The Division 2 has boldly revealed a Known Issues board that marks a stunning and terrific display of communication. This will allow fans to follow the game’s main concerns, every step of progress, and what’s in store for the future.

Here’s the official announcement from The Division 2’s feed, which notes that bug tracking and reporting will be easier too:

Showing off a Trello Board of known issues will create a constant flow of communication, which is one of the most valued practices of any dev team. The move has been met with unanimous praise, and as simple as it seems, this is also a rare occurrence that other titles should follow.

Fans will be less likely to abandon the game, and will feel less ignored, if they can see that a particular thorn in their side is currently being worked on.

Even if the results remain far in the distance, the promise for a better game is crucial when fans already love the gameplay. This also makes the process feel like a cooperative relationship with the playerbase.

Overall, launching the Known Issues board will repair trust that may have been lost due to longtime problems. And even if The Division 2 hasn’t exactly been as popular lately (the game launched in 2019), this news could invite newcomers for the current and future installments.

Many titles, including larger ones, continue to suffer by intentionally hiding issues while pushing new content or patches. That’s surprisingly true for a variety of free-to-play games, who need to engender more trust to survive.

The Division franchise hasn’t been in the news very much, aside from the big mobile announcement last month for The Division Resurgence, which is due sometime in 2023.

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