The Entropy Centre’s gameplay trailer reveals puzzle mechanics and ASTRA, the AI weapon

The Entropy Centre is a first-person, story-rich sci-fi puzzle game where you must outsmart the impossible. From Stubby Games and Playstack, who are known for publishing Mortal Shell and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, The Entropy Centre is launching on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation later this year. 

The official gameplay trailer for The Entropy Centre showcases a mind-bending take on puzzle mechanics, ASTRA, the talking entropy weapon, and general tutorial information.

The Entropy Centre is a single-player game where an extinction-level event has set the world on fire. You will play as the character who appears to be the last human alive. Humanity’s only hope lies at the very core of the Entropy Centre. This is where you come in.

You will need to manipulate time to your will and solve the challenging puzzle rooms to get you one step closer to the heart of the space station in orbit around Earth. The gameplay trailer shows how the puzzles range in type and variety, so problem-solving skills and perseverance are the keys to completing them. 

In the beginning, you will meet ASTRA, the weapon seen in the gameplay trailer. ASTRA is The Entropy Centre’s most advanced piece of technology and is an AI device that can scan an object’s space-time chronology. From there, ASTRA can move the object through the past, accomplishing tasks like heating a cup of tea or rebuilding a pillar. 

What you don’t know, however, is why the extinction-level event occurred or why The Entropy Centre is close to collapsing. The only way to uncover the truth is to make your way to the heart of this dangerous facility. 

Solve challenging puzzles and uncover the truth behind Earth’s extinction-level event in The Entropy Centre. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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