The Game Awards 2022 invites public again after 3 years

The Game Awards, founded in 2014 by Geoff Keighley, will finally let the public into their show after a 3-year hiatus. The Game Awards 2022 will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA, on December 8th. The event begins at 4:30 PM pacific time, with doors opening at 3:30 PM.

There’s no word yet on the price of the public tickets. Here’s the official statement, which notes that “limited” tickets will go on sale November 1st, at 9 AM:

The Game Awards doesn’t just celebrate titles. There are also musical performances, which will include The Game Awards Orchestra and “more to be announced” this year. It’ll be interesting to see who shows up, so be sure to keep an eye on TGA for any surprises.

Perhaps most importantly to the fans, the showcase has also delivered some pretty big reveals that created serious buzz. There are countless replies asking for news on upcoming exclusives and other AAA titles, many of which still haven’t revealed trailers or launch dates.

However, TGA’s announcement uses the tactical word “limited” for their tickets, which indicates that the event may still be concerned about the health of larger crowds. Last year, the best the public could hope for was an invitation. Between limited tickets and a Thursday premiere, it could end up pretty challenging to attend this one.

Still, the new get-together is certainly better than nothing, as many gamers have become frustrated by the recent series of disappointing streaming showcases.

Similarly, a lot of pressure is being placed on E3, which recently announced its dates for a big June 2023 return. And E3 fans aren’t even confident that the show will even follow through with its plans. Fortunately, The Game Awards seems to have a slow and methodical plan. There aren’t many details, but the showcase seems promising thus far.

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