The Last Alchemist, an alchemy management simulation game, is launching in Early Access on Steam in early 2023

Image: The Last Alchemist

The Last Alchemist is an upcoming game about Alchemy management in a world where science melds with superstition. From Vile Monarch and Marvelous Europe, The Last Alchemist is coming to PC via Steam in Early Access in early 2023.

The trailer for The Last Alchemist showcases the picturesque and adorable locales, the world, and some of the available quests.

The Last Alchemist is set in 17th century Europe, where alchemy is a new forbidden and feared practice. Inquisitors, a group of powerful fanatics, condemn alchemy and plan to brand alchemists as dangerous heretics who must be rooted out and punished. 

As an apprentice alchemist with a talent for wayward experiments, you must master alchemy in a world where it is hated. In the Old Imperial Star Observatory, your inheritance from your late mentor, you will find it has been equipped with all sorts of wonders, tools, knowledge, and mechanisms to help you become a Master Alchemist. 

The key features of this game include:

  • Deep alchemy management systems: You can extract essences from everything and fuse them to solve alchemical puzzles to gain the properties you need to build your alchemical career. There are over 200 properties to discover, some with brilliant and dangerous effects. 
  • Conduct experiments with plants, explode essence to see what happens or combine bizarre ingredients without proper analysis. Delve into the research system, gain rewards, and have fun while experimenting. 
  • Immersive production: Farming and harvesting are critical to your experiments. Craft tools, construct machines, and manage your daily activities around the day and night cycles.
  • Roam the outdoors: Explore the wilds and uncover enchanting landscapes rich in resources, secrets, and mystical plants while overcoming obstacles, unlocking alternative routes, and forming alliances with strange wanderers. 
  • Make friends with the Agari: Share your laboratory with the Agari, a civilization of sentient mushrooms with a dark secret. They will run the economy and the machines you need to optimize production, but you must work for their trust. 

Farm, explore, and practice alchemy in a world where it is forbidden in The Last Alchemist. While the official release date hasn’t been revealed, it will be available in early 2023 in Early Access on Steam. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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