The Quarry reveals Red Band Trailer and 50’s cosmetics

The Quarry, the hit horror adventure game full of tough choices and quick-time events, has just released a brand-new red band trailer full of gore, which also teases some new 50’s throwback cosmetics. These cosmetics are free to claim for owners, and available now for a limited time. Here’s the big announcement from publisher 2K games:

The Quarry released to rave reviews when it launched last June, and it continues to receive almost unanimous praise. The mystery is genuinely engaging, which cleverly plays with your expectations and establishes some pretty interesting rules. The characters, dialogue, and relationships are also written effectively, including some genuine laughs and grounded reactions.

The mechanics are also presented in a smooth way, particularly for quick-time events. The tutorial is even woven into the story. Overall, this resulted in a more accessible game compared to similar titles like The Dark Pictures anthology. It also puts the central focus on players’ decisions, which plays a large role in how much The Quarry so easily became a party game, and not just a successful solo experience.

It’s probably been long enough to revisit the story without remembering every joke or decision, and there is a tremendous number of various outcomes anyway. Besides, it’s Halloween, and The Quarry smartly blended modern storytelling with old school horror movies.

There’s been an 80’s throwback cosmetic update before, which was a perfect fit. While the fifties is probably going to be too niche for some, the decade could still be considered a popular era of horror. It leaned into sci-fi, including greats like The Thing from Another World, Them, or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The Quarry did a good job of fitting each character with a matching cosmetic from the 50’s that reflects their personalities, and the outfits look great in-game.

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