This year’s League of Legends ranked reward is Victorious Sejuani

Image: Riot Games

Every year, players who reach gold in League of Legends are rewarded with a unique, free skin to celebrate their accomplishments. This skin is announced near the end of the season, can only be earned by reaching gold in that season, and often represents a champion that had a big impact on the ranked ladder that season. This year, the Victorious skin is going to Sejuani, leader of the Winter’s Claw and one of League’s premier tank junglers.

Like other Victorious skins of the past, Victorious Sejuani comes decked out in regal gold and purple gems, showing off her status as queen of the season. The splash art for the skin also pays homage to the war of the three sisters, showing Ashe’s bow and Lissandra’s true ice being offered to Sejuani as a sign of her domination of the Freljord.

This information comes to us from League’s end-of-season rewards announcement post, which goes into further detail about the rewards players will receive this ranked season. In addition to the new skin, players will also receive Eternals for Sejuani, and an additional chroma if you placed gold or higher in both the Solo & Duo and Flex queues.

The ranked season ends on November 14th, exactly one month from the time of this article’s posting. That same week will lead into the preseason, which will showcase all the exciting changes coming to League of Legends’ 2023 season. For those who haven’t reached gold or higher yet, now is your last chance to climb the ladder and get your Victorious Sejuani.

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