TiMi Studio Group and Capcom are working on a new Monster Hunter title

Capcom and TiMi Studio are collaborating to create a Monster Hunter game that will soon be available for iOS and Android.

A subsidiary of Tencent Games, TiMi Studio Group is a video game development studio with offices in Singapore, Montréal, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chengdu, and Shanghai. It was founded in 2008 as Jade Studio, consists of numerous development divisions with diverse areas of specialty, and creates games in various genres for PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch, such as Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty: Mobile, Speed Drifters, and Pokémon Unite.

Recently, TiMi Studio Group announced that they are working with Capcom on a new Monster Hunter mobile game. The in-development game will replicate the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter franchise and provide fans with a fresh mobile gaming experience.

“This first-time partnership between TiMi and Capcom will combine the experiences and strengths of both sides, allowing Monster Hunter to scale to more platforms to give global hunters – experienced or new – the freedom to hunt as they desire, anytime and anywhere.”

TiMi Studio Group

This is not the first time that Monster Hunter has attempted to move to a mobile platform. Monster Hunter Stories, a spinoff title in the Monster Hunter series, was first released for the Nintendo 3DS. In 2018, it was ported to mobile devices for iOS and Android, where it had updated visuals, an enhanced user interface, and more features.

Timi Studio has also confirmed that the Monster Hunter mobile game is now in development. However, the company has not yet given any information about a release date of the new Monster Hunter title. At this point, there is a significant number of details relating to the game that is still yet to be revealed. In any case, fans have high hopes that the mobile adaptation of Monster Hunter will be successful.

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