tinyBuild reveals asymmetric horror title “Level Zero” for 2023

From publisher tinyBuild and developer DogHowl Games, the sci-fi horror game Level Zero has been announced with a brand-new trailer. It will feature multiplayer, asymmetrical gameplay, and will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. You can watch the full trailer on tinyBuild’s YouTube channel:

Level Zero has decided to lean heavily into influences from the iconic Alien franchise. The creatures even use vent shafts to get around. Set in the future, four scientists must coordinate to complete tasks while two mysterious creatures hunt them down.

The key mechanic of this game is light control, where players must avoid darkness. However, the monsters have telepathy and electrical manipulation, making it tricky for humans to survive.

Conceptually, the game looks fine, and it appears to be a crossover between Dead by Daylight and Alien: Isolation, which isn’t really a bad thing. The cinematic trailer is pretty compelling, and shows off a few of the mechanics that will actually show up in-game, such as the motion-activated floodlight.

However, the footage doesn’t show off any drones, which is sure to be a highlight of the game. Drones are a way for eliminated players to ghost, sort of. After dying, you’ll be able to guide your teammates, detect, and even carry things around as a drone. This is a fun and simple way to keep randoms in the match, if you don’t happen to have enough friends online for a full group.

Like other asymmetrical games, this one appears to reward strong teamwork and communication, which is one of the most challenging things to find online. It’s clearly going to be a kind of party game. However, there are some features that seem too competitive, such as the possibility of losing perks you have earned.

This one has potential, and offers a couple of twists on the asymmetrical horror genre that should be more accessible compared to the typical slasher approach.

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