Total War: Warhammer III reveals First Look for Immortal Empires map

Total War fans have officially gotten their first look at the upcoming Immortal Empires map, with a surprisingly comprehensive overview of main areas and characters. The game is expected to launch on August 23rd, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer for Immortal Empires’ map on the official Total War YouTube channel here:

Shortly after revealing the last Champion of Chaos trailer for Valkia, which was somewhat divisive among fans due to the hints of weakness, Immortal Empires has teased a gargantuan thirteen minutes of exciting map footage.

The narration features some solid voice acting, explaining an overwhelming number of leaders, factions and conflicts to expect. This includes the Bane of the Dark Gods and their campaign of revenge, forces of good in the Serpent Coast, a High Queen fighting for her homeland and more.

The fans are very pleased with Daniel, a joke that’s become canon. It refers to a customization trailer from January 2022, if you want to understand the excitement:

Fans now have a thorough review of what is potentially the most elaborate and impressive installment yet. According to the description, there will 86 Legendary Lords, 23 races, 533 Regions, 278 starting factions and 4 Sea Lanes.

It’s overwhelming enough to compete with any of the largest fantasy worlds ever created in fiction, let alone the gaming industry. The dense lore can be hard to keep track of, so the latest review is a helpful reminder. It also shows off the best graphics yet, with terrific art design and level design.

The sheer volume of content that Total War has offered since launch is staggering, and Pre-Orders are available now. This includes the Microsoft Store, Epic Store, and Steam.

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