Total War: Warhammer III reveals plans for Update 2.3, Multiplayer Endgames

Total War: Warhammer III, the hit RTS game that launched last February, has released a new “State of the Game” that features fresh details on Update 2.3, multiplayer versions of Endgame Scenarios, and what to expect in 2023. Here’s the big announcement from Total War’s Twitter feed:

The devs have officially confirmed that Update 2.3 is due to roll out in the final patch of 2022, which is a relief. Although they admitted this patch will be smaller, it might address some fan requests for troublesome bugs and quality-of-life changes.

Further, the devs have stated that Update 3.0 and Regiments of Renown IV are both expected to launch sometime in Q2 of 2023, which refers to April, May, and June.

More intriguing than that, the full blog hints that they have plans for an “an additional release before then”, which already has fans speculating. This could very well be the Chaos Dwarves that everyone is waiting for, although at this point, it probably won’t arrive until next year.

All of these release windows were certainly a little vague, so the highlight of this State of the Game’s sneak peeks was likely the Endgame Scenario update. Fans have hoped for a multiplayer version, and now that “development is very nearly done”, it’s expected to roll out soon.

Endgame Scenarios are known for their difficulty and chaos, making them one of the most entertaining additions to the series. Consequently, it’ll be far more intriguing to have other players join the mix.

That’s especially true without any tweaks to the existing functions. The devs have stated it will work just like single player. The Endgame customization raised a lot of genuine hype, so having multiplayer enabled will finally satisfy disappointed fans.

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