Totally Accurate Battle Simulator reveals Map Creator and Switch launch date

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the simple yet brilliant ragdoll sim game, has officially announced that it will release on the Nintendo Switch on November 3rd, 2022, alongside a new Map Creator update. Here’s the big announcement from developer and publisher Landfall Games, which includes a teaser for the Map Creator system:

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has earned tremendous replay value thanks to its parody attitude, which focuses on genuinely hilarious physics.

This allows totally unexpected things to happen, and the visuals are also very unique, even compared to other ragdoll hits like Gang Beasts or Human Fall Flat. The blocky characters have both a lovable and deliberately flimsy design that is entertaining to root for.

The game eventually added multiplayer support, which means that players really started getting creative. So, the map creator function is sure to renew interest in the game, which has been around for some time now.

Whenever fans can contribute their own creations in-game, that freedom creates a real community, and the ideas get pretty wild. Even AAA games like Halo Infinite count on systems like Forge mode, although Halo is struggling to play catch-up with fans, while Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is simply building on established success.

It’s unclear how many maps fans will be able to create, how they’ll be shared, and other basics. But the new teaser does reveal that players will get to control water height, weather, music, and add a variety of random objects from several different groups. This includes complex and simple architecture, but some of the unseen object classes look especially interesting.

Overall, the gameplay footage of Map Creator looks fairly promising, and the placement tool looks user-friendly, with plenty of freedom.

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