Tower of Fantasy topped the App Store Free Games Chart in 22 countries

Shortly after the release of Tower of Fantasy, the title has dominated the App Store Free Games Chart, climbing all the way to the top spot in 22 different countries.

Tower of Fantasy is the latest free-to-play, open-world MMORPG developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. The game is currently available on several platforms, including Android and IOS. Tower of Fantasy may also be downloaded from both Steam and Epic Games on PC. Tower of Fantasy was first launched in China in December 2021. On August 9th, the game began its pre-load and had its official global release on August 10th.

From its previous teasers, Tower of Fantasy earned notice for its anime visuals that are almost comparable with Genshin Impact. Nonetheless, Towers of Fantasy offers unique gameplay set in a futuristic civilization full of towers on a planet known as Aida. Towers were built by humans to mine the potent energy, Omnium, which also caused the transformation of animals into monsters.

In Tower of Fantasy, players will embark on an action-packed adventure in which they will take on the role of characters known as Simulacrums. Tower of Fantasy also features a gacha-based mechanic, but unlike Genshin Impact, characters and weapons are completely associated with each other. 

After it was made available globally, Tower of Fantasy almost instantly garnered praise by claiming the top spot on the Free Games Chart of the Apple App Store in 22 countries. Tower of Fantasy immediately took over online due to its extensive customization features, fascinating storyline, and massive multiplayer mode, despite being initially assumed as another Genshin Impact rip-off.

With its rising popularity among RPG players, fans are already recognizing Tower of Fantasy’s potential to become one of the most popular titles soon. For further details and upcoming updates, check out the official website of Tower of Fantasy.

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