Trackmania trailer teases Winter Campaign for January 2023

Trackmania, the 2020 soft reboot of the hit racing franchise, has just released a new trailer for the upcoming Winter Campaign. It will kick off the new year, launching right on January 1st, 2023. The event will include another 25 new courses, just like Fall, as well as new rewards and cosmetics.

Today’s trailer also concludes by promising that a launch for consoles and cloud platforms will also roll out sometime in early 2023. Here’s the full trailer from Trackmania’s publisher Ubisoft:

Trackmania is kind of an underrated series, which has arguably thrived by the creativity and enthusiasm of the fans’ organization and creation. The Trackmania series is famous for providing the tools to let players create their own tracks and more. So naturally, the highlight of today’s trailer is the promise of nearly 300 new blocks and items, which continues to feel impressive.

The devs have done a great job of keeping this soft reboot healthy with lots of their own new content. They consistently offer up seasonal additions that are genuinely fun to play. Trackmania has a certain freedom to it that isn’t restricted by massive, elaborate environments or grounded action. The new courses teased in today’s trailer look as satisfying as any previous update.

There’s also a look at the new prestige skins. Much like the “evolving” prestige skins in Apex Legends, these cosmetics won’t transform mid-game. According to today’s official blog post, they have different stages which must be unlocked by various means, depending on the category of the skin.

It seems like a fun way to convey your skill level to other players, and offers another reason to grind for longtime fans, who will probably master the upcoming tracks pretty quickly. Overall, 37 Prestige Skins are expected to be available throughout 2023.

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