Train Sim World 3 announces new Loco Add-On Bundle

Train Sim World 3, which added extreme weather to the popular simulation series, has revealed a brand-new “Loco Add-On Bundle”. This will feature new locomotives for all three routes. The add-on will be available on October 4th, 2022, for $13.99 USD. Regional Edition owners can purchase the add-on separately, costing $5.99 USD for each locomotive.

Train Sim World 3 only just launched earlier this month on September 2nd, making the new bundle a pretty impressive update. This could be a pretty encouraging indication of how the devs will treat this sequel. Although Train Sim World 3 is a little niche, it’s still a longtime series and getting new content so quickly is rare for any title.

However, it is important to note that some of the locos in the new add-on have similar models that appeared before. The DB BR 182 actually released on September 8th, for the “Rapid Transit” route.

The add-on’s locos offer a solid variety of new mechanics and personalities, between the Railhead Treatment Train, Dispolok BR 182, and the classic F7 with Santa Fe colors. The F7 will run the Cajon Pass, the BR 182 will run between Kassel and Würzburg, and the Railhead Treatment Train will be available on Southeastern Highspeed.

Aside from boasting very unique designs, the new equipment looks genuinely interesting, and could potentially deliver new challenges. For example, the South East Rail Head Treatment Trains must be operated remotely from pairs of Diesel locomotives.

The official post for the new add-on also sneaked in a small announcement, noting that the “New Journeys” add-on from Train Sim World 2 is getting some final tweaks to join Train Sim World 3 too. New Journeys received some praise, so most fans should be pleased, and an update is expected “shortly”.

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