Tribes of Midgard is completely changing its Survival mode

Tribes of Midgard is the ultimate Viking adventure that allows players to live out their fantasy of being one of the chosen fighters to take on the Jotunn that are destroying Midgard. As one of these few, the player had the ability to survive in a wave-based system that ultimately ended with the Endless Winter. However, that whole system in Tribes of Midgard is changing and being replaced with something more relaxing.

According to a blog post on Tribes of Midgard‘s website, the developer is changing everything about the way the Survival mode works. Norsefell states that they are implementing these changes to create a game that is more faithful to the team’s love of ARPGs, survival games, and Norse mythology. They’re changing Tribes of Midgard to be more open and give the players opportunities to tell their stories.

Some of the new features include:

  • A New Beginning – Players will start their adventure without a village or any other structures to call home. Instead, they’ll have to build up their own village and create a home.
  • Play Your Way – Not only will the player have more time with longer days in ToM, but the Jotunn will spawn at a specific location in an enclosed arena that the player can take on at any time.
  • Crafting Overhaul – Since the players won’t be able to rely on the vendors in the village, they’ll need to learn how to craft new items and stations with the Allforge.
  • Saga Quests – These are overarching objectives that the player can complete in the world at any time, often unlocking resources to reach greater challenges.
  • A Whole New World – Players will be able to explore a new game map that is larger than anything Norsefell has previously created, tailored to the new Survival game mode.

It’s up to players to learn the ins and outs of the new Survival mode and see if they can take on some of the challenges that this new Midgard poses. With the removal of the timed survival period, players are now free to tell their stories.

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