Tribes of Midgard Season 3 is coming on August 16

It’s been a good few years for Vikings with games and media seemingly focusing on this one culture. Many of the Viking games to come out have been hits, like Valheim and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Another hit survival Viking game has also brought players to a unique Norse world where they fight off against the Jotuns. Tribes of Midgard puts the player on a strict time limit, leaving the preparations up to them.

Since its release, Tribes of Midgard has continued to receive support in the form of content updates. Now, it appears that Norsefell has been hard at work for the next big content drop. On August 16, players will be able to log in to the Season Three of Tribes of Midgard, titled Inferno Saga. Tribes of Midgard will also be dropping on Xbox and Nintendo Switch on the same day.

The new update will feature a wide range of hot new features, such as a new Saga Quest, new boss, new biome, and more. This update will also bring a new spear weapon and the ability to fish in the waters around Midgard. Players will soon be able to truly live out their Viking fantasy, living off the land and sea.

Season Three of Tribes of Midgard is also set to revamp the Survival game mode with Survival 2.0. The idea behind this change is that the player will have more of an exploratory experience that “predates the Village” the heroes live in and defend.

Norsefell co-founder and Tribes of Midgard creative director Julian Maroda says, “Season 3 is massive and by far our biggest update to date, delivering game-changing content like our latest Saga (and biggest bad guy)…”

This whole range of new content is set to hit the game on August 16, meaning that players only have to wait just over a month before they can get their hands on this season’s update.

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