TSM FTX announces Counter-Strike return, new content creators and more

TSM FTX has just released a new update video, featuring a variety of changes that fans can expect for the popular eSports org. The video includes key announcements for new content creators, updates on existing teams, and a highly anticipated return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

You can review the full October update on TSM FTX’s official YouTube channel here:

The video briefly highlights the org’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which just launched today. It’s a classy move from the team, and hopefully inspires young fans.

The new merchandise collaboration won’t be revealed until tomorrow, and sadly, the content creators don’t have a scheduled reveal window. As a result, the biggest news from the update is clearly the Counter-Strike return. It’s a genuine thrill that TSM FTX will finally compete in that space again in 2023.

There are many TSM FTX fans who first began following and supporting the team because of their performance in that title. It’s one of the strongest, longtime eSports arenas. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demands enormous skill, due to its low time-to-kill, fundamental map designs and more.

TSM FTX plans to cautiously invest in Europe, “working with a local GM” to put something successful together. Instead of dangerously leaping headfirst into a pricey team, they’ve clearly put together a proper plan.

Other powerful orgs have often seen sudden, large investments fail to pay off. For now, they’ve set expectations for 2023, and it’ll be interesting to see how they shake up the scene’s existing leaders.

Overall, the fans definitely showed appreciation for the open communication. Larger orgs can often spend too much time on marketing and hype, and fail on transparency, so this is a great example of how to treat the fans. It’s also a relief to see how the org is continuing to build in smart directions.

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