Ubisoft denies rumors of an upcoming “Blade” game

A variety of rumors hinted at the possibility of Marvel’s classic vampire-killer Blade, but Ubisoft has officially denied this in a new tweet:

A collection of tweets from certain actors included images of motion capture suits, Ubisoft logos and other hints that suggested they could be working on a Blade game. While that’s no longer true, players who are not fans of Ubisoft’s signature mechanics and ideas are actually relieved.

However, many of Ubisoft’s habits would probably be a good fit for a character like Blade, who could benefit from open-world gameplay and even stealth. As long as these mechanics don’t bog down the story with filler quests, Blade could be played similarly to Batman. Ubisoft’s combat would likely be the biggest issue, since even the Assassin’s Creed games don’t have the cleanest system.

Still, Ubisoft still considers Marvel Studios their “friends”, and a tie-in with the upcoming remake is still possible. Maybe Ubisoft simply hasn’t started to make one just yet, and other plans are in store.

The original Blade film predates the big superhero wave that took over the new century. Although Spider-Man, X-Men and Batman Begins revolutionized fan perception of the genre, Blade was unapologetically gory and true to character.

It didn’t have to worry about the safe and funny Disney brand, and while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had lots of Raimi goodness, nothing so bloody has been tested just yet in the MCU. And then there’s Morbius, which suffered greatly as the protagonist was forced to glug fake blood.

Blade is a terrific character who deserves a game adaptation, especially with all of the martial arts from Wesley Snipes’ standout performance in the original movie. For now, Ubisoft is mainly focusing on Skull and Bones, the pirate adventure game that was announced last July.

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