Unannounced NASCAR game rated on Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

NASCAR has a history of releasing games based on its legendary races and drivers. While not the most popular racing game franchise, it goes without saying that the NASCAR title carries some weight in the racing game genre simply by being the premier American stock-car racing franchise. Fans of NASCAR and racing games alike, there is a new game coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future.

Coming from a reliable Reddit post, we can see that a game called NASCAR Rivals has been rated for the Switch. For those who don’t know, games need to be rated on each video game platform before they can be released. While most consoles allow games that are rated by the ESRB rating system, the Nintendo Switch requires its own ratings, which is then posted publicly. This allows us a sneak peek at a lot of unannounced and upcoming games, such as NASCAR rivals.

While the game has yet to be announced, the fact that it has been rated on the Switch means that the game is functionally complete, enough for the game to be judged as a completed product. This means we will likely be seeing and hearing more about this game soon, and can probably expect a 2022 or 2023 release date.

As with other NASCAR games, we can expect to see iconic real-world cars and racers, such as famous driver Danica Patrick, playable in the game. The game will more than likely see players racing across famous NASCAR tracks, such as the famous Daytona 500.

It’s not clear if NASCAR Rivals will be releasing on any other platforms, but the Switch rating confirms that we will be seeing this game on the Nintendo Switch.

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