USA Today Crossword July 10 2022 Answers (7/10/22)

USA Today is a publication in the United States that offers a daily crossword puzzle each day, which does not require a subscription or an account to play. This post shares all of the answers to the USA Today Crossword published July 10, 2022. Please view today’s USA Today Crossword Answers for most recent answers.

USA Today Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for the recently-published USA Today Crossword. Click/tap on the crossword clue to see the answer (this prevents accidentally spoiling for other clues if you are just looking for a few answers!).

  • ‘. . . more or less’
  • ‘A Strange ___’
  • ‘Am I the ___ one . . .’
  • ‘Antiques Roadshow’ channel
  • ‘He’s grown so much!’
  • ‘I’m good’
  • ‘Plus . . .’
  • ‘So tasty!’
  • ‘___ Be Around’ (Spinners song)
  • ‘___ Must Die’
  • *shrug*
  • A canine is a pointed one
  • Actress ___ Sava Jeffries
  • Ad meant to raise awareness
  • Add to the staff
  • Air kiss sound
  • Applaud
  • Australian animal, for short
  • Authorize
  • Beyonce song co-written by Solange
  • Birthday present for a cat
  • Canines
  • Car speed measure, for short
  • Casa
  • Centers of activity
  • Constantly traveling
  • Crowns & Hops brews
  • Cutlery hybrid
  • Darts and Hearts, for example
  • Doing some fraudulent accounting
  • East, West, North or South, in mahjong
  • Envision
  • Food served with wasabi
  • Hooting baby
  • Humanlike fantasy creatures
  • In ___ of (rather than)
  • Ingredient for making anpan
  • Instrument with a head
  • Large ape
  • League that Ja Morant plays in
  • Like some decals and patches
  • Maritime vessel
  • Member of a motorcycle club
  • Meticulously planned thefts
  • Mule or moccasin
  • Negative audience reactions
  • Not deceptive
  • Pairing
  • Person who’s not new to this
  • Pharmacy bottlefuls
  • Picture of you by you
  • Political survey
  • Punctuation mark that represents a spare in bowling
  • Radiologists, etc. (Abbr.)
  • Remarked
  • Revolving ___
  • Roth ___
  • Shed tears
  • Simmered dish
  • Small number in English
  • Small number in Spanish
  • Some hair products
  • Something pulled to request a stop
  • Son of, in Arabic names
  • Statement at the poker table
  • Stay in line overnight, for example
  • Take it easy
  • The Golden State, for short
  • Thyme piece
  • Toilet paper thickness unit
  • Treasure map hint
  • Unlimited ___ (workplace policy)
  • Voles’ homes
  • Word after ‘lying’ or ‘down’
  • Yarmulke
  • ___ beans
  • ___ de France Femmes

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You can also find the latest USA Today Crossword answers on our ongoing answer post.

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