Valheim patch 0.212.5 adds new Mistlands biome and more for public test

Valheim is an exploration and survival game for one to ten players, created and published by Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Studios. Early access was made available for Linux and Windows through Steam on February 2, 2021, and a release for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S is scheduled for 2023.

Recently, Valheim released patch 0.212.5 for the Public Tesh branch. This update brings more exciting content, including a new biome, mechanic, and more, along with some fixes and improvements. Take a look at the Valheim: Mistlands Gameplay Trailer, courtesy of Iron Gate’s official Youtube channel:

Valheim’s 0.212.5 update, otherwise known as the Mistlands update, introduces a new Mistlands biome in addition to 9 new creatures and a Mistlands boss. New items were also added such as food, potions, craftable items, and more. Read more about all the new content released 0.212.5 update on the Valheim website. Valheim developers also noted the following regarding the Mistlands biome:

An important thing to note is that the Mistlands biome will only generate in areas you have not yet discovered. Therefore, if you have explored a lot of your world, you might be better off starting a new one in order to actually be able to travel to the Mistlands. As per usual, mods will also most likely cause the game not to launch, as they are only compatible with the Live version of the game. If you have mods, you will either need to remove them or wait for the mod to be updated before you can play.

The 0.212.5 update is for the Public Test version of Valheim. As such, it might render unstable and there might be some minor offsets between the versions. Nonetheless, the developers will be taking this chance to discover bugs and adjust the balancing, to give the best game experience possible before the launch of the Default version of Valheim.

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