Valorant’s new patch notes nerf Chamber and more

In the latest patch notes 5.03, Valorant has finally nerfed Chamber, to the relief of many casual players. There have also been several other changes to Chamber, Neon and Jett, as well as broader game improvements.

Here’s the official tweet from Valorant’s feed, including a promo image of the affected agents:

Most Valorant fans have agreed that Chamber’s abilities have been overpowered for a while, but the latest nerf is truly massive, which will surely disappoint Chamber mains.

The devs state that Chamber’s “strengths have started to overshadow his weaknesses”, resulting in huge cooldown increases. Base and Recall will both take a full 10 seconds longer to cool down, which is an eternity in any shooter.

Further, the diameter size of the Rendezvous ring has been decreased to just 15m. Headhunter will now require 150 bullets instead of 100, and Tour de Force will require 8 ultimate points instead of 7.

Ultimately, these changes are intended to force Chamber mains to be more strategic and less aggressive. And although it’s technically more balanced, it’s sure to shake up the roster selection. All of Chamber’s abilities have been targeted, reminiscent of Apex Legends’ latest patch notes utterly destroying Valkyrie, the prized character for pro players.

Neon has also been nerfed, so that Agents in the game won’t have a particular advantage in terms of “regional damage”. In other words, Neon’s Overdrive damage per shot has been reduced to 18, and the multipliers have been shuffled. Now, Neon will deal 3 times as much damage for headshots.

Also, leg shots will deal less damage for Neon, Jett and Chamber. The goal was to match the weapons more closely.

A few bugs were also fixed up, and the engine was updated to Unreal Engine 4.26. For a full list of the smaller details, you can read the official patch notes here. For more Valorant news and leaks, you can check out the rest of our news section!

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