Vampire Survivors announces first DLC “Legacy of the Moonspell”

Vampire Survivors, the hit indie roguelike from developer and publisher poncle, has revealed its very first DLC “Legacy of the Moonspell”. The DLC will add 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, and Mt. Moonspell, a massive new stage with multiple unique environments. It centers on the Moonspell clan falling in the east.

A release date has not been announced, but it’s certainly a welcome surprise for Vampire Survivors, which left early access last October and was recently ported to Xbox One and Series X|S in November. Last week, Vampire Survivors made Steam Deck’s top 20 list of most-played games:

Vampire Survivors took the indie world by storm thanks to its balanced and clever gameplay, which flows so naturally and easily that it’s far more accessible than the traditional roguelike. This also gave it an unusual level of replay value, which is especially crucial for indie games. It seamlessly weaves a kind of casual gameplay style without losing the fair difficulty fans want from roguelikes.

Surprisingly, Legacy of the Moonspell is a pretty ambitious expansion. It would have undoubtedly been easier to roll out some new story in the existing stages, or simply add some playful cosmetics. Even a few weapons would have been enough to shake up the gameplay, allowing players to try out a new playstyle.

Instead, the devs are considerably expanding their game, and Mt. Moonspell is definitely a highlight. The sheer volume of content is sure to invite entirely new players, who may have been unsure about investing in such a small title, let alone a challenging genre that is tough to get into.

For now, only four characters have been revealed, those being Miang Moonspell, Menya Moonspell, Syuuto Moonspell, and Babi-Onna.

Each addition in the announced DLC promises even more flexibility, intriguing lore, and replay value that lives up to the reputation set by Vampire Survivors’ surprisingly successful launch.

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