Victoria 3 publishes patch notes for 1.0.4, featuring balancing, AI changes and bug fixes

Victoria 3 is a 2022 grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. In Victoria 3, players will be able to construct their ideal society during the turbulent and changing 19th century.

Since its launch, Paradox Interactive has been providing updates for Victoria 3 to ensure that it properly fulfills the concept of the ultimate society simulator. For patch 1.04, Paradox Interactive has made some rebalancing, AI changes, and bug fixes in Victoria 3. This latest update’s rebalance focuses on Economy, Politics, and Colonization. Meanwhile, AI modifications focus on Diplomacy, War, and Colonization.

The following is a summary of the rebalancing and AI changes introduced in Victoria 3 patch 1.04, as posted in Paradox Forum:



  • Petit-Bourgeoisie is now also concerned with government salary.
  • Slashing government wages will now reduce prestige.
  • Slashing military wages will now reduce the training rate.
    Debt enslavement may now enslave population up to wealth level 9, but in fewer numbers at each point of wealth.
  • Reduce the maximum weekly population enslaved by debt slavery from 5% to 0.5% of the state population.
  • Debt slavery will no longer enslave more populations when slaves constitute at least 20% of the state’s population.
  • Tweak subsistence production in decentralized countries to prevent the African population from beginning at starvation levels.


  • Increased the likelihood of the emergence of progressive political movements appearing throughout the game.
  • Movements to Preserve now have a larger effect on the chance for a law to stall, making it harder to pass laws opposed by powerful groups.
  • Political Movements in favor of or against a change in Slavery and Government principles laws will now be more radical.
  • Reduced base effect of Propagandists Intelligentsia trait from 50% to 25%.
  • Reduced effect of guaranteed liberties on loyalists’ and radicals’ growth.


  • Native Uprisings now get a significant bonus to their combat capabilities, mainly on the defensive.
  • Decreased the likelihood of Native Uprisings when provinces are colonized.

AI changes


  • AI is now a bit less likely to back down in diplomatic plays.
  • AI is now a bit more likely to get involved in diplomatic plays.
  • Make AI more interested in persuading nations to join its cause if it is outmatched in a diplomatic play.


  • AI is now a lot more focused on taking land-adjacent states and conquering contiguous land areas in general.
  • Increase AI aggression against Unrecognized countries after unlocking Civilizing Mission.


  • Increased AI tendency to get involved in Native Uprisings slightly.

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