Vision and possible weapon of Genshin Impact character, Mika, have leaked

Genshin Impact leak has revealed the vision of the upcoming Mondstadt character, Mika. Further information disclosed about the character might have also hinted at his weapon.

Genshin Impact’s ever-expanding roster continues as a new version arrives. The upcoming release of Genshin Impact 3.0 has made players anticipate the arrival of playable Sumeru characters. Nonetheless, characters from currently explorable regions are also awaited by players as they may be another powerful unit to add to their party. Meanwhile, dataminers have already started revealing information about future playable characters, including Mika, a Mondstadt native.

In a recent Reddit post, the Genshin Impact leak claims that Mika will be the next addition to the Cryo vision holder roster. In addition, it was hinted that Mika might wield a Claymore weapon. This speculation was based on the indication that, despite Mika’s cute appearance, he was known to be physically powerful and capable of carrying heavy objects. The leak may also imply that Mika’s appearance would be similar to those of characters like Sayu and Klee. Meanwhile, some Genshin Impact fans are speculating that Mika’s appearance would be similar to the Owari no Seraph anime character of the same name.

In another Genshin Impact leak, it was disclosed that Mika would make an appearance in a 3.1 event. The upcoming event was rumored to be a Wine Festival, and it was speculated that Mika would have a role in the story quest associated with the event. As such, there is a possibility that Mika will be playable during the 3.1’s release. However, there are currently no reports regarding Mika’s availability in a Character banner and his rarity.

As usual, it is exciting to learn about upcoming Genshin Impact characters and the potential gameplay they could bring. Likewise, character leaks are always subject to change before the new version’s official release.

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