Vorax gameplay trailer reveals exploration, crafting, looting, and combat elements

Image: Vorax

Vorax is a first-person horror game where you must adapt and survive on an infected island. From IndieGala, Vorax is launching on PC via Steam. The official release date and cost have yet to be revealed.

The official gameplay trailer for Vorax showcases different survival gameplay elements from crafting, looting, exploring, and combat.

Vorax is an open-world survival horror game set on an island in the Mediterranean that a mysterious pathogen has infected. The first response to this outbreak was to send an army battalion to the island to quarantine the population. But after 48 hours, all communication with the division was lost.

You will play as a private investigator sent to the island to investigate what’s happening. However, a simple investigation turns into a fight for your life as the helicopter transporting you crashes onto the island, and you are stranded alone. 

With little food and equipment, you must craft tools, build defenses, upgrade your shelter, and uncover the island’s mysteries to survive. 

The key features of Vorax include:

  • Detailed game environments. Some of which include urban areas, caves, and sewers. 
  • Enemies with unique attack mechanics.
  • Realistic tactical helmet with military HUD.
  • Build and upgrade fences, barricades, and traps to fortify your base.
  • Craft weapons and tools.
  • Hunt and cook your own food.
  • The ability to treat wounds and other injuries.
  • Conventional and non-conventional weapons.
  • Day and night cycle with dynamic weather systems. 
  • Stress and sleep mechanics.

Vorax is one of many games developed and published by IndieGala, the digital distribution platform and a game development studio. Some of their most notable titles include Exit Limbo: Opening and Die Young. 

Explore, hunt, and survive on an infected Mediterranean island in Vorax. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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