War Thunder Fire and Ice Update brings new vehicles and bug fixes

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The latest update for War Thunder, Fire and Ice is now live, bringing new and updated vehicles, maps, updates, and bug fixes. To take advantage of these changes, make sure you download the update. 

We’ve included everything you need to know about the Fire and Ice update from an official post below. Be sure to check out our War Thunder section for more great content!

War Thunder Fire and Ice Update

A Finnish branch for the Swedish aircraft and ground vehicle tech tree

Over 20 machines used by Finland, including BT-42, Leopard 2A6, T-72M1, MiG-21bis, and Fokker D.XXI


Over a dozen aircraft! From the Japanese T-2(early) and the Chinese Q-5L to a new Finnish branch in the Swedish tech tree!

Ground vehicles

More than 30 new and updated ground vehicles. A new version of the iconic Abrams tank – M1A2 SEP with the TUSK modification, the dangerous TOR-M1 anti-aircraft vehicle for the Chinese tech tree, plus many other additions!

Naval Fleet

Out of 10 new naval units released with this update, besides other vessels, our sea wolves are sure to welcome the IJN Fusō battleship and its impressive pagoda-style bridge with open arms!

New locations

Two brand new locations: Arctic and Rocky Canyon


New Vehicles







  • Fokker D.XXI
  • B-239
  • Hurricane Mk. I
  • Ju 88A-4
  • Bf 109 G2
  • Bf 109 G6
  • Vampire FB 52A
  • J34
  • MiG-21bis
Ground vehicles


  • M1A2 SEP + TUSK modification


  • Sd.Kfz.251/9
  • Bfw.Jagdpanther (Updated model)
  • Jagdpanther (Updated model)


  • IS-1 (Updated model)
  • IS-2 1943 (Updated model)
  • 2S38 (Premium)

Great Britain



  • ТОR-М1
  • IS-2 1943 (Updated model)




  • T-80U (T)
  • Finnish ground vehicle sub-tech-tree:
    • ZSU-57-2
    • Vickers Mk. E
    • T-26E (englantilainen)
    • BT-42
    • T-28
    • T-34
    • Pz. IV
    • Comet
    • Charioteer
    • T-34-85
    • PT-76
    • Т-54
    • T-72M1
    • Leopard 2A4
    • Leopard 2A6
    • Israel: TCM-20
    • ZSU-57-2
    • ZSU-23-4
  • USA
    • AH-64A (Greece) (Store Pack)
Naval Fleet
  • USA
    • USS Frank Knox (Premium)
    • USS Fargo
  • Germany
  • USSR
    • MPK Pr.1331M
    • Besposhchadny
  • Great Britain
  • Japan
  • Italy

New locations and missions:

  • “Arctic” location for combined battles.
  • “Rocky Canyon” location for aircraft battles.

Enduring Confrontation:

  • All pillboxes in ground battles have been replaced with tanks.
  • Standardization of tank types by BR and armor for different matchmaking ranks and nations.
  • Ground vehicles of rank VII have been added to the templates for ground battles and convoys.
  • AAA around bombing bases has been moved to a system of importing units from a rank-based list – now, each rank will have its own air defense and not 88mm AAA from WWII.
  • The logic of bombing bases, airfields, port, and sea convoy templates has been redesigned, allowing the “saving” of about 100 units, and reducing the server load.
  • In events where aircraft AI glitches and sends AI bombers/Attackers over the playable map area, a mechanic has been introduced that checks if the AI aircraft are in the wrong place, checks if they have completed the task, resets the AI for the selected aircraft and if the task is completed hides the aircraft by marking the task as completed and if not looks for a new target for them.
  • Depending on the battle rating of the session, you’ll encounter the following anti-aircraft guns:
    • Rank I:
      • China: GAZ-AAA (4M), GAZ-AAA (4M)
      • France: Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
      • UK: Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
      • USSR: GAZ-AAA (4M), GAZ-AAA (4M)
      • Germany: Flakpanzer – > Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
      • Italy: AS 42 – > Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
      • Japan: Type 94 -> Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
      • USA: Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
  • Rank II:
    • China: CCKW 353 (M45) -> BTR-152A, GAZ-AAA (4M)
    • France: P.7.T AA -> Staghound AA, Light AA Mk I
    • UK: Staghound AA, Light AA Mk I
    • USSR: GAZ-AAA (DShK) -> BTR-152A, GAZ-AAA (4M)
    • Germany: Sd.Kfz.251/21, Light AA Mk I
    • Italy: Sd.Kfz.251/21, Light AA Mk I
    • Japan: M16 MGMC -> M15 CGMC, Light AA Mk I
    • USA: M16 MGMC -> M15 CGMC, Light AA Mk I
  • Rank III
    • China: ZSD63/PG87 -> M19A1, BTR-152A
    • France: Crusader AA Mk II -> M19A1, Staghound AA
    • UK: Crusader AA Mk II -> M19A1, Staghound AA
    • USSR: ZiS-12 (94-KM) -> ZiS-43, BTR-152A
    • Germany: Wirbelwind -> Ostwind, Sd.Kfz.251/21
    • Italy: M42 Contraereo -> Ostwind, Sd.Kfz.251/21
    • Japan: So-Ki -> M19A1, M15 CGMC
    • USA: Crusader AA Mk II -> M19A1, M15 CGMC
  • Rank IV
    • China: M42, ZSD63/PG87
    • France: AMX-13 DCA 40, Skink
    • UK: Crusader AA Mk I -> AMX-13 DCA 40, Skink
    • USSR: ZSU-37, BTZ-ZD
    • Germany: Ostwind II -> Ostwind, Wirbelwind
    • Italy: Ostwind II -> Ostwind, M42 Contraereo
    • Japan: M19 -> M42, Wirbelwind
    • USA: M19A1 -> M42, Skink
  • Rank V
    • China: WZ305 -> PGZ09, M42
    • France: Falcon, AMX-13 DCA 40
    • UK: Falcon, AMX-13 DCA 40
    • USSR: ZSU-57-2 -> ZSU-37-2, ZSU-37
    • Germany: Kugelblitz, Ostwind
    • Italy: Kugelblitz, Ostwind
    • Japan: M42 -> Type 87, M42
    • USA: Vulcan -> Falcon, M42
  • Rank VI
    • China: PGZ09, M42
    • France: AMX-30 DCA, AMX-13 DCA 40
    • UK: ZA-35, AMX-13 DCA 40
    • USSR: ZSU-37-2, M42
    • Germany: Gepard I, Ostwind II
    • Italy: Gepard I, Ostwind II
    • Japan: Type 87, M42
    • USA: M247 -> ZA-35, M42
  • Rank VII
    • China: PGZ09, ZSU-23-4
    • France: AMX-30 DCA, SIDAM 25
    • UK: ZA-35, SIDAM 25
    • USSR: ZSU-37-2, ZSU-23-4
    • Germany: Gepard I, SIDAM 25
    • Italy: Gepard I, SIDAM 25
    • Japan: Type 87, SIDAM 25
    • USA: M247 -> ZA-35, SIDAM 25

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic, and weaponry changes:

  • 14.5mm KPVT — Armour penetration calculation has been transferred to the Jacob de Marre formula.
  • The coefficients of the Jacob de Marre formula for metal-cored machine gun ammunition have been refined. Penetration of 12.7 BS-41, 14.5 BS-41, and 15mm H-PzGr rounds has been increased.
  • BMP-2M, BMD-4, PUMA, M3A3 Bradley — Air target tracking has been added.
  • VAB SANTAL – Comment for the vehicle: our players have provided extensive and valuable information as a result of their analysis, and it was decided to refine the model of the vehicle further. The modifications will consist of changing and refining the model for launchers, aiming devices, and the turret used but retaining the current chassis model. Since most of the changes are made to the appearance of the model and will not affect battle characteristics after making them, it was decided that the vehicle will be added in this update in the current form with the characteristics corresponding to the real model of the turret and fire control system. When the vehicle’s fixes are ready, they will be applied to it. 
  • Jagdpanther (all) – Designations have been clarified: Bfw.Jagdpanther -> Bfw.Jagdpanther G1, Jagdpanther -> Jagdpanther G1.
  • Jagdpanther G1 – ammo capacity has been reduced from 60 to 49 rounds. Source: Jagdpanther, plan of ammunition Storage. UK Motion studies docs.
  • Bfw.Jagdpanther G1 – ammo capacity has been reduced from 60 to 39 rounds. Source: Jagdpanther, plan of ammunition Storage. UK Motion studies docs //Panzer Tracts №9-3.
  • Jagdpanther (all) – Engine power has been changed from 700hp to 600hp at 2,500 rpm. Source: D655/1b, Pz.Kpfw.Panther Ausf.A,D und abarten, 21.07.1944 // Panzer Tracts №9-3

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristics, and weaponry changes:

  • G.91R (all modifications) – Separate bomb drop has been added.
  • Ki-67-I Ko, Ki-67-I Otsu – The 800 kg Navy Type Number 80 Model 1 bomb has been added to suspended weaponry (report).
  • Su-17M4 – H-23M rocket has been removed from suspended weaponry. Source: “Самолет Су-17М4 и подготовка его к боевому применению. Стр.26”
  • A-7D – Erroneous installation location and the number of AGM-65 missiles in the weaponry menu has been fixed.
  • F8E – Single LAU-32A blocks for the Zuni missiles are available without modification research. Presets with multiple blocks still require modifications. A bug causing incorrect requirements to open Zuni and AIM-9 missiles of different modifications has been fixed.
  • F8U-2 – Single LAU-32A blocks for Zuni missiles are available without modification research. Presets with multiple blocks still require modifications. A bug causing incorrect requirements to open Zuni and AIM-9 missiles of different modifications has been fixed.
  • Harrier Gr.7 – A bug leading to incorrect conditions for opening modifications and the ability to use BOL flare pods, and the ability to use them with default AIM-9L missiles has been fixed.
  • AH-64A (USA), AH-64D, AH-1Z, EC-665 Tiger UHT – APKWS II guided missiles with multiple warhead options have been added to the armament nomenclature.
  • Su-17M4 – A bug leading to the possibility of mounting the Delta-NG targeting pod has been fixed.
  • Kfir C7 – Weaponry preset with 4 Shafrir-2 missiles has been added.
  • F1 – The number of the carried 500-pound bombs has been increased to 12.
  • The weight of some suspended artillery containers has been increased.
  • Units of measurement of the weight of some bombs have been standardized.
  • Saar — A bug where the mass of the blocks was overestimated when attaching 6 FFAR Mighty Mouse x70 blocks has been fixed.
  • AH-64D, AH Mk.1 — A bug where the AMASE block worked incorrectly has been fixed.
  • AH-64A (all modifications), AH-1F – Incorrect visual display of jamming and Flare systems models when removing the corresponding modifications has been fixed.
  • Canberra B (I) Mk 6 – A bug that caused the bomb bay to open when dropping bombs from the wings has been fixed (report).
  • F-4F IAF – A bug that caused the BLU-27 incendiary tanks and AIM-9G (D) missiles to intersect with the missiles when they were suspended together on the central pylon has been fixed (report)
  • Jaguar GR.1, Jaguar GR.1A, Harrier GR.3 – The radar warning system has been changed from AN/APR-25 to ARI 18223.
  • Harrier GR.7 – The radar warning system has been changed from AN/ALR-67(V)2 to ARI 23333/1.
  • Mirage 5F – A bug that caused bombs to have attachment points on the aircraft when installing air-to-air suspended weaponry has been fixed.
  • Harrier GR.7, Mirage F1CT – A bug caused by the researched modification “night vision device” not working from 3rd person view has been fixed.
  • Phantom FG.1, Phantom FGR.2, Buccaneer S.2 – The radar warning system has been changed from AN/APR-25 to ARI 18228.
  • Mi-24D, Mi-24V, Mi-24P – The ballistic calculator for bombs has been added.
  • Su-17M2 – A bug that caused the camera to be in the aircraft hull when installing the “Delta-NG” suspended container has been fixed (report).
  • B18B – The gunner’s display in the X-Ray view has been corrected.
  • Phantom FG.1, Phantom FGR.2, Buccaneer S.2, Jaguar GR.1, Jaguar GR.1A, Harrier GR.3, Harrier GR.7 – The radar detection system name has been corrected.
  • Mi-24D, Mi-24V – Ballistic calculator for offensive artillery weaponry, unguided missiles, and bombs has been added.
  • Harrier Gr.7 – The lack of thermal vision when disabling the modification of the pilot’s NVD (night vision device) has been fixed.
  • Mirage 5F — A bug that caused DEFA 552A offensive cannons not to be displayed in the X-Ray view has been fixed.
  • UH-1C, UH-1CXM-30 — A bug where, after dropping an ITOW ATGM, stubs remained in the air has been fixed.

Secondary weapon customization

  • AV-8A
  • AV-8C
  • Buccaneer S.1
  • Buccaneer S.2
  • F-105D
  • Harrier GR.1
  • Harrier GR.3
  • Vautour IIA IDF/AF
  • S.O.4050 Vautour IIB
  • S.O.4050 Vautour IIN
  • A-4B
  • A-4E Early
  • A-4E Early (M)
  • A-4E
  • A-4H
  • A-4N
  • T2
  • F1

Flight Model changes:

  • J6K1 – updated flight model. Engine modes and fuel distribution between the tanks have been corrected. Polars of wings, fuselage, empennage and propeller blades have been recalculated and corrected. The geometry of the propeller has been corrected (the diameter has been increased to 3.5 m). The plane’s behavior during landing gear and high-lift device deployment has been corrected. The plane’s behavior during high-angle dives has been corrected.
  • Vampire (all), Hunter (all), Meteor (all), Javelin, Lightning (all), Seahawk (all), Scimitar, Swift (all), Jaguar (all), Canberra (all), B-57 (all), Sea Vixen, Buccaneer (all), Lancaster (all), Lincoln (all), Shackleton, Beaufighter (all), Beaufort, Boomerang (all), Mosquito (all), Hornet (all), Swordfish (all), Halifax, Hampden (all), Stirling (all), Whirlwind (all), Wyvern, Brigand, Sunderland (all), Wellington (all), Hudson (all), Boston, Havoc, DB-7, А-20G, Fiat CR 32, Fiat CR 42 / J11, Fiat G.50, Fiat BR20, Macchi C.200, Breda Ba.65, Breda Ba.88, Piaggio P.108B, Savoia Marchetti S.79, Savoia Marchetti S.81, Reggiane Re.2000 (all), Reggiane Re.2001 (all), Reggiane Re.2002, Cant Z 1007 Bis, Imam Ro.57 – engine fire extinguisher systems have been added.
  • Rooivalk Mk.1F, Z-10, AH-1Z – Instability and loss of pitch control when traveling at high angles to the airflow have been reduced.
  • A.129, T.129 – The risk of failure of engines and transmission when the main rotor speed has been exceeded. Instability and loss of pitch control when traveling at greater angles to the airflow have been reduced.
  • Aviation (all aircraft) – The effect of an opened canopy and cockpit doors on drag (loss of speed) has been corrected.
  • Su-7 (all modifications) – Engine revs dynamics have been improved (revs up faster).
  • F-4 Phantom II (all modifications), A-10 (all modifications) — A bug that caused engines not to overheat and break down if the oil system was damaged has been fixed.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristics, and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:
  • The first shot delay has been removed for WWI and interwar bluewater ships.
  • Fire control system – preserving the calculated lead point. The calculated lead marker preserves when a player unselects the target and then selects the same target again. If a player selects a new target and starts rangefinding, the lead marker for a previous target is reset.
  • PG 02 — Resupply time at a captured point has been reduced to 90 sec.
  • USS Gearing — Armament composition has been changed for one from 1945: the second torpedo launcher has been removed, four-barreled 40mm Bofors unit has been added.
  • RN Gabbiano, IJN Ayanami (DD-103) — A bug that caused ships not to have torpedoes purchased by default has been fixed.
Naval modifications and crew skills:
  • IJN Satsuki, IJN Mutsuki, IJN Chidori – 120mm Semi AP Type 1 modification has been moved to Tier I.
aval characteristics, physics, and damage model:
  • The shock wave effect from HE shells on hulls of coastal fleet vessels has been corrected. Boat hulls made of wood or steel that don’t have a complex internal architecture are now more susceptible to damage from the shock wave of the medium calibre HE shells.
  • USS Alaska (CB-1) — The size, location, and the number of main and auxiliary calibre ammunition cellars have been fixed. The position of engine rooms that previously were too high has been corrected. Elevators for 127 mm units have been added. Thicknesses of main calibre turret barbettes, upper armor deck, armor bulkheads above the bow, and stern traverses have been corrected.
  • Mikhail Kutuzov — conning bridge has been moved behind the armor of the bow’s superstructure.
Naval Visual models and visual parts:
  • Prinz Eugen — The shape of the ship’s armor belt plates in the zone of the bow turrets has been fixed.


  • An extended pop-up description has been added for naval modules in x-ray mode in the hangar. Now, while hovering the cursor over a module, you can see the operation description of this module, its role in the damage model, and interactions with other modules.

Economy and research:

  • The position of British battlecruisers has been corrected in the research tree. Battlecruisers have been moved to a separate branch. HMS Dreadnought moved before HMS Colossus.
  • Research and purchase costs decreased:
  • HMS Dreadnought
  • RP 320000 => 270000
  • SL 790000 => 690000
  • IJN Settsu
  • RP 380000 => 320000
  • SL 990000 => 790000
    • CCVL — BR in AB has been changed from 10.0 to 9.7
    • 2S25М — BR in AB has been changed from 10.0 to 9.7


New collections have been added.


  • The visual effect of the aircraft crashing into the water has been updated. Its positioning has also been fixed.
  • A new visual effect of wheels burning from napalm has been added.
  • A new effect of flamethrower and surface fire from napalm has been added.
  • Visual problems with incorrect positioning of fires on naval vessels when they were rotated 90 degrees to the side have been fixed.


  • Sounds of explosions, hits, and cannon shots of ground vehicles and air defense guns have received more dynamics and sharpness as well as punch in the low-frequency range.
  • The sound velocity effect now also works for the sound of aircraft engines and cannons.
  • Chinese helicopters Z-9W, Z-9WA, Z-19, Z-19E, and Z-10 received their own engine and propeller sounds.


  • AI-controlled ships will now launch torpedoes at each other and at players.
  • AI-controlled ships in naval battles may now explode from an ammunition detonation.
  • Reconnection to the session after losing connection or a client closure has been improved.

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