Wholesome adventure game The Spirit and the Mouse is launching on September 26

Image: The Spirit and the Mouse

The Spirit and the Mouse is an upcoming puzzle and adventure platformer where you play as a tiny mouse with a wholesome and endearing heart. From Armor Games Studios, The Spirit and the Mouse is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 26, 2022!

The official release date announcement trailer showcases what players can expect regarding general gameplay, the storyline, and some available missions.

In Spirit and the Mouse, you are to bring happiness, kindness, and light back to the people of Sainte-et-Claire as Lila, the mouse. During a thunderstorm, an incredible and shocking event brings two unlikely souls together– Lila the mouse and Lumion, the Spirit guardian.

With Lila’s big heart and her newfound powers, the two must work together to restore the balance of their little village. You must guide Lila through a heartwarming adventure and befriend the playful electric spirits known as Kibblins to help illuminate the village once more. 

The Spirit and the Mouse is a single-player game that is story-rich and narrative-driven. You will search every corner of this world to complete missions and collect items that will help you in your quest to assist those in need. 

The main features of this game include:

  • Listen to the villagers’ woes, find Kibblins who are causing chaos, and fix the village’s electrical problems. By doing so, Lila can help Lumion return to the sky.
  • Explore a picturesque French village and discover its secrets at your own pace as a tiny mouse.
  • Use your electrical powers to travel around the world, solve character-driven puzzles, and help the villagers.
  • Help the villagers by completing their quests and pacifying the Kibblins via mini-games.
  • Collect energy and happiness to unlock new abilities.

Assist the Spirit guardian and restore order and balance in a picturesque French village in The Spirit and the Mouse, launching on September 26. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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