Woodland Games and Team17 delay Autopsy Simulator

Autopsy Simulator, an upcoming horror sim game that was previously expected to release this year, has now been delayed by publisher Team17 and developer Woodland Games. The devs state that they’ve delayed the game to “live up to expectations”, so it appears to simply need some polishing.

There is no new release window, but today’s statement strongly suggests that the game will not release at least until 2023, apologizing to those who were hoping to play “this year”. Here’s the full announcement from Team17:

The notice of delay arrives pretty close to launch, with just two months left in 2022. The tweet itself states that the game will still be coming “soon”, which means that it will likely end up launching sometime in early 2023.

It is pretty unfortunate that the game couldn’t release any closer to the Halloween season, which is when nearly every other title is trying to capitalize on the festivities. However, waiting for something that functions properly is always worthwhile in this industry.

Naturally, as an indie, Autopsy Simulator has gone somewhat overlooked. However, it’s definitely adding something new to the sim genre, which has generally had trouble achieving for serious, or avoided it altogether.

There’s no denying the silly fun of Surgeon Simulator, especially with cooperative gameplay, but anatomically correct mysteries are a pretty morbid and unique approach.

According to the Steam product page, the game was “created in collaboration with real-world forensic doctors”. So, the level of authenticity and extensive details will likely bring a very genuine, grounded kind of horror.

But it’s the puzzles themselves that will likely be the key point of interest for new fans. This game has found a new role to experience, outside of the traditional playful, relaxation, or management areas.

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