Xbox announces Cloud Gaming and Remote Play for new Logitech System

The new Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld, scheduled to launch on October 17 for North America, will officially support both Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play. Here’s the big news from Xbox’s Twitter feed:

Xbox Cloud Gaming has received mixed reviews, but it certainly has its advantages. For example, Xbox One users can access next gen console games that support cloud gaming, without having to invest in a Series X or wait for a purchase invitation. It also saves a lot of wait time by preventing installation, which can be especially long for larger games or systems that aren’t plugged in by ethernet.

Adding both Cloud Gaming and Remote Play could genuinely make Logitech’s new system a serious competitor. Transforming titles that support Cloud Gaming into something mobile would be very rewarding.

The mobile arena has always been dominated by Nintendo, whose OLED Switch console offers a variety of strong features for gameplay and quality-of-life. Nintendo also has a terrific library, and they recently revealed a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tie-in Switch.

There’s also the unanimously beloved Steam Deck, who revealed back in July that all consoles would be delivered to current reservations by the end of the year. Reviews are glowing, and things are only looking up on the production side. Also, Steam is a powerful platform with a clear and extraordinary personality.

Simply lending the Xbox voice to Logitech’s new handheld is a powerful shortcut, and downright essential since Xbox already supports the Steam Deck too. The biggest problem will undoubtedly be the price of Logitech’s device, which may not be competitive enough.

It also remains to be seen just how well Cloud Gaming and Remote Play will actually operate with Logitech, with many fans questioning the potential latency and visual quality.

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