Xbox Consoles will finally add a Discord Voice chat update

Fans were unanimously thrilled when Xbox announced today that both Xbox One and Xbox Series X or S will all be getting a Discord Voice system. Xbox Insiders will get immediate access, while it’s expected to roll out soon for everyone else “in the coming weeks”.

Here’s the official statement from Xbox’s Twitter feed, which simply shows off the two iconic logos together at last:

This announcement was met with immediate praise from fans, noted as a bold move that Xbox’s competitors would be hesitant to match.

After all, Xbox has its own party chat system, but users are more likely to replace this with the superior Discord Voice chat. Many fans have already said as much, in their appreciative responses.

Essentially, the implementation of a Discord Voice chat is going to be monumental for cross-play. Also, Discord is a massive tool that isn’t just used for gaming, but casual communication and business too.

How Xbox’s Discord Voice will work

Xbox users can try out the new system by going to “Parties & chats” and selecting “Try Discord Voice on Xbox”. This presents a QR Code that you can scan to link (or re-link) your Xbox and Discord accounts.

Players will now be able to view anyone in a call, easily identify who’s speaking, adjust the volume, and switch between Discord Voice or Xbox game chat. You’ll be able to access any Discord channel as usual. You can also transfer your voice chat the other way, from the Discord mobile app to the Xbox app by selecting “Join on Xbox”.

It’s a welcome surprise, when PlayStation’s history with Discord suggested that they might implement this kind of system first. It marks a superior blow against PlayStation, who barely caught up to Xbox’s loyalty program concepts, and followed it by removing 1-on-1 Twitter support.

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