Xbox October update changes TV controls, Startup and more

Xbox has decided to break down all of the changes made in their big October update, including some less noticeable features that fans have been asking for. The details were revealed in a series of tweets from the official feed:

One less remote is always a good thing when you’re gaming, so the adding the TV volume control should prove to be a major relief. The Series X|S console has to be connected by HDMI, but most systems are these days, anyway.

Another fortunate change is the option to toggle your Xbox startup sounds in addition to the power chime, all of which allows players to game politely. If you need to play early in the morning, or late at night due to your work schedule, you won’t be bothering any family members or roommates anymore.

The new setup screens for changing your Home Xbox are supposed to be more convenient, but it remains a frustrating process, where you can accidentally spend one of the few changes you’re allotted per year.

The best update arguably involves the Xbox App, which hasn’t proven to be very user friendly or effective. But rolling out video trimming in the Xbox App will be very useful, since the Xbox console itself doesn’t intelligently handle clip storage.

An Xbox One will take far too long to let you know that you’re running low on space, and it will automatically delete old clips. Trimming new ones down to size should help prevent overflow ahead of time, so you don’t lose treasured moments.

The search bar on the home screen will probably be a little divisive, but it has potential as a useful tool. It will ideally decrease your navigation time in exchange for screen space.

For the full list of changes, you’ll find them on Xbox’s official post. Overall, most of the updates are positive, and at least Xbox is still working out how to be more user-friendly.

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